We deliver to most countries outside of Sweden. It depends on custom regelations. Contact us here and we’ll help you the best we can. As for now we don’t offer international payment option but can offer invoice option.

Start checking if your current transformer has a round entry to the carb or an entry with two smaller ”holes”. If you have a transformer with a round entry you need the older version of our transformer. It comes in the color black. If your transformer have two smaller ”holes” as an entry for the carb you should buy the newer version. This model comes in black and white.  For Elflugan Grande we only have one type of transformer. This comes in the color black and white. You can find all transformers here.

We have produced a light bulb that fits all models of Elflugan,, no matter which year your Elflugan was produced/bought. These light bulbs are sold in packages of ten light bulbs per package. For Elflugan Grande you use another (bigger) light bulb. This is sold in a package of five light bulbs per package. You can find all light bulbs here.

No you don’t. It is enough to replace the light bulb that is broken, you don’t have to change all light bulbs at once.

We’re happy to help with a reparation of your Elfluga. Customers in Sweden as well as outside of Sweden can contact us here. If you live outside of Sweden we can’t gurantee that we can help you – it depends of custom regulation. Your always welcome to contact us and ask.